7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (2024)

The idea of complexity and the true art of watch craftsmanship often signify or are portrayed with men. It’s quite rare to have iconic mechanical watch complications offered to women other than those with jewel-encrusted versions. Not particularly like to generalize but some brands consider mechanical watches for women to have less market rather than for men – many said that most women use watches as additional jewelry.

However, it’s only a general observation that doesn’t apply to everyone. Mechanical watches are indeed more technical, especially with the winding thing and such alike – but there are also women who adore the working intricate elements inside the watch. So, if you do love wearing something more technical rather than just jewelry, mechanical watches will create a good appearance.

Regardless, you can have both technicality and aesthetics at the same time. Along with the growing audience, there will be more versions of mechanical watches ahead. In this article, we have compiled the best mechanical watches for women, for just about every budget, for you who wear a watch as more than just an accessory.

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What Do We Know About Women’s Watches?

Before getting in into the recommendation, we would like to share some perspectives about women’s timepieces since their first appearance. Over years, the industry of mechanical watches for women has lagged behind ones for men. That is noticeable through the limited choices and complications. Most women’s watches come with a pretty but basic design or luxury mechanical jewelry design.

The early story goes back to the past when watches are only men’s thing as the focus of the trends. The invention of pocket watches was only for men and it didn’t represent women’s fashion. Their dresses didn’t include pockets to keep the watch. It was believed that women didn’t need something functional or practical except a pretty appearance to be enjoyed.

However, as time goes on and the market is growing, watch brands begin to introduce mechanical watches for women that don’t only focus on highlighting fine jewelry but also functionality in craftsmanship.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women

If you start looking for he best mechanical watches for women , you might start with the recommendation listed below.

Norqain Adventure Sport Ladies MOP Ref. N1800SP81A/M18D

With much respect, Norqain introduces an equal offering for the ladies through the Norqain Adventure Sport Ladies. It measures a fair dimension for women at 37mm in diameter and 11.5mm thick. The watch makes a good contender for women and even will do justice on men’s wrists as well.

Coming with 316L polished stainless steel and steel bracelet creates an elegant yet sporty appearance with an all-silver-like. That feature also allows the wearer to get the same experience as wearing a luxury sports watch – excellent finishes to the gentle curves and pleasing proportions.

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Further, the watch is equipped with a 316L steel bezel that rotates unidirectionally with 60 clicks. At the heart of the watch is NORQAIN caliber NN08 (SW 200-1) with 38 hours of power reserve. For the bonus, you will get the aesthetic beauty from its diamond indexes that bring grandeur character, and depth to the dial.

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Le Jour Brooklyn Two-Tone Ref. LJ-BR-006

A two-tone timepiece that represents the beauty of elegance and a robust build at the same time. The Brooklyn Two-Tone Ref. LJ-BR-006 by Le-Jour is a modern reinterpretation of the “Explorer” design -the iconic 50s timepiece. The watch measures 40mm wide, 47mm lug-to-lug, and 11.5mm thick – allowing it to be perfectly sized for both women and men.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (2)

Speaking of the basic design, Le Jour dons a dial that brings a unique persona with diamond-shaped hour markers and pyramid patterns as the background. Powering the charming sports watch is the venerable SELLITA SW200-1 Swiss Automatic Movement operating at 28,800 BPH (4 Hertz) with hacking and hand-winding capabilities. A nice versatile look and wearing experience, the watch would accompany you with 40 hours of power reserve.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue – Bracelet

Let’s get more serious with a wild appearance of Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue. Hamilton takes a different approach to ladies’ timepieces, the watch presents a fantastic semi-skeletonized deep blue dial. The watch showcases some parts of the intricate movements that combine contemporary sophistication with exceptional Swiss watchmaking, perfect for the modern woman.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (3)

With a single flip to the back of the watch, you can also enjoy a viewable movement through the see-through exhibition case back, featuring a custom-decorated rotor with the Hamilton logo engraved. At the heart of the watch runs a precise and reliable Hamilton caliber H-10 automatic movement, which is a modified 25-jewel ETA day/date movement. It’s not the main highlight yet as the movement boasts an 80-hour power reserve. Truly one of the best best women’s watches under $1000.

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Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic Midsize Pink

Bold, overbuilt, and aggressive in style but dedicated to present on ladies’ wrists. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic Midsize Pink is the real version of the “For her” timepiece that measures 36mm in diameter. The color, design, and size might contradict each other but they make such a nice combination as a mechanical watch for women.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (4)

The proportional dimension allows the watch wearable for ladies and yet still have the tool watch presence with tritium gas tubes, 200m of water resistance, and a screw-down crown. To complete the impressive performance, the watch is chronometer-certified with its Automatic caliber BALL RR1101-C.

Mido Baroncelli Diamonds Lady Rose Gold Ref. M007.

Getting more excited to introduce Mido Baroncelli Diamonds Lady Rose Gold which flaunts its charm inside out. The presence of leather definitely gives vintage and elegant vibes but the PVD rose gold treated case and brown dial elevate it to its finest. Moving on to the detail, Mido champions a crescent moon-shaped cut indeed stands out as the main attraction of the dial.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (5)

The feature shows the date wheel symmetrically from 2 to 10 o’clock. The main opening is placed at 6 o’clock which displays the correct date, framed luxuriously by 12 diamonds that have a total of 0.025 carats. Despite its vintage looking, the watch houses a sophisticatedly modern movement — the Swiss automatic movement Caliber that lasts until 80 hours.

Rado Captain Cook Automatic Midsize White Ref. R32500013

As one of the prominent leaders in innovation, Rado also breaks the norm of pretty-basic-minimalist watches for women with a robust dive watch, the Captain Cook Automatic Midsize White Ref. R32500013. Despite its rugged appearance, the watch comes in a proportional dimension at 37mm in diameter and 11.1mm thick. Besides, the thick bezel oversizes the dial and, thus, makes the watch wear smaller for a petite wrist.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (6)

That said, it would look enchanting on the ladies’ wrist with the striking wrist presence of a dive watch. As a reliable diving tool, it is equipped with 100m water resistance, sapphire crystal, and high legibility with SuperLuminova. At the heart of the watch, the Swiss ETA C07.611 work reliably with a whopping 80 hours of power reserve.

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Ball Watch Co. Engineer II Ohio White Ladies Ref. NL1026C-SJ-SL

Let’s take a look at another mechanical watch for women by Ball Watch Co. Compared to the previous one, the Ball Watch Co. Engineer II Ohio White Ladies flaunts a more chic and nice-looking timepiece. The overall steel-built with white dial allows for a more poised and charming style.

7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (7)

Looking at the dial elements, the watch features a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The hour makers take a shark-tooth shape, allowing for a firm design along with elegance. Powering the watch is the Automatic caliber BALL RR1104 that promises a shock resistance of 5,000Gs. As Ball’s main signature, the watch is equipped with 15 micro gas tubes for perfect legibility.


The ever-growing audience of mechanical watches for women brings more diversities to the watchmaking industry itself. While many brands offer iconic timepieces for women, they can enjoy endless options to fulfill their passion for craftsmanship. In fact, who can really deny the beauty of delicacy put into making a mechanical watch?

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7 Best Mechanical Watches for Women Worth Your Time (2024)


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