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While this page is primarily used for reference, do note that, as a player, you are responsible for your actions in the game--this includes using cheats and exploits. It is highly advised to make a save before attempting any of the following cheats.

Always remember to keep a backup copy of your original, unaltered, save file!


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Trials in Tainted Space's gameplay is not immune to exploitation. There are various features the player can access, intentional or otherwise, to gain a desired advantage in the game. Most of these exploits may have been left in the game during various points of development and are subject to change if and while the game is in development.

This page will only list cheats that are acknowledged by the developers themselves and are approved for public release. The cheats listed will only be ones that are attainable in-game, during play. For out-of-game game-editing references, try the save editing page.

Cheat Menu

As of the online release, the below cheats are available in a menu format. You can get to the new cheat menu by clicking on the top of the “i” in tit* several times in a row after loading a save, then opening options and selecting the new Cheat submenu. In addition, when Cheats are enabled, Perks can be refunded in the Level Up screen. Stat Points cannot be reallocated, but Stat Training makes that largely unnecessary.

Console Edit Cheats

While the Console can be used to (hazardously) edit a number of details in game, it is most commonly used by players to adjust character stats as opposed to using Ten Ton Gym, as no other current methods of adjusting these stats exist in Codes or the Cheat Menu. The Console can be opened using F12 or Control + Shift + i in the online version of the game in browser windows.

  • All input commands for stats are used by replacing "x" with the desired value.
    • When replacing "x" with a value higher than possible character maximum caps, the final stat will not exceed the cap.
  • Console commands are cap sensitive, and thus written below as appropriate.
  • Typing the command in the console and omitting the "= x" (for example, pc.physiqueRaw) will display the current stat.
    • If the value is above the cap maximum, such as with prior editing using Console Commands, the value is that above the cap.

The associated commands are as follows:

Console Commands
Physiquepc.physiqueRaw = x
Reflexespc.reflexesRaw = x
Aimpc.aimRaw = x
Intelligencepc.intelligenceRaw = x
Willpowerpc.willpowerRaw = x

Other Console Commands exist, but are not recommended to be edited due to complexity and possible damage to save files. Try at your own risk. The save editing page can be helpful in this as a command guide.

Cheat Codes

The game has various cheat codes that can be inputted by the player. These are mostly useable on the flash version.For Java refer to the cheat menu above. This can be done in two ways:

  • By using a keyboard and directly typing the message at any time while playing the game.
  • By accessing a text input box (such as using V-KO's CustomInput option) and inserting and submitting the code there. The input box is limited in what cheats it can activate (so not all cheat codes are compatible with it), and is primarily there for users who use virtual, screen-prompted keyboards.
  • It is recommended to input cheat codes in on the codex console under options to prevent any unwanted actions such as moving or item usage.
  • Codes that cannot activate via the console can be activated in the main Codex screen. Because all of the main Codex options are assigned to numbers 1-5, this will prevent unwanted actions.
  • Holding Shift while typing will also prevent unwanted moving or item usage.

This information is a bit outdated, so some codes may not work in current versions. Try at your own risk. link to a statement from Jacques00 on the forums

The cheat codes are as follows:

Cheat Codes
treatmentForces the Treatment to use the default effects. (Does nothing if none of the other Treatment cheats have been activated.)
bimboForces the Treatment to use the Female effects.
bullForces the Treatment to use the Male effects.
amazonForces the Treatment to use the Amazon effects.
cumcowForces the Treatment to use the Cum-Cow effects.
fauxcowForces the Treatment to use the Faux-Cow effects.
motherlodeGives enough XP to reach the next level.
88mphPass large amounts of time.
urta (previously known as "furfa*g")Enables infinite item use for most consumable items (Enter again to disable).
poison (previously known as "sjw")Replaces “shemale” with “dick-girl” throughout the game’s scenes dynamically (since v0.8.010).
tistheseasonBrings up a menu with a list of special holidays. The player may choose to toggle Seasonal events for that holiday to: Always On, Always Off, or Automatic (default).
marcopoloUnlocks all planets (excluding Breedwell and Kashima).
laploveReverts the game to its previous inclusion of the Lapinara Parasitic Female and Prophylactic (Lapinara).
beshineforeverOpens the Doctor Badger Cheat Menu, which contains three separate sections:
  • Doctor Badger:
    • Options for Doctor Badger's interaction:
      • The state of either being active or arrested.
      • The state of either being pre or post bimbofication.
    • For the player:
      • Whether or not the silicone tank is installed in the player's ship.
  • Nym-Foe:
    • Options for Nym-Foe's combat:
      • The state of being broken, fixed, fixed and hostile, or not yet encountered.
      • The distribution of silicone between the player's breasts, butt, hips, and lips during a successful injection attack.
      • Whether Nym-Foe's "Bouncy!" attack block will perform normally, block 100% of the time, or avoid being used.
      • The ability to add or subtract Nym-Foe's starting lust between 0 and 100, and the ability to reset back to 50.
    • For the player:
      • Add a Nym-Foe Dakimakura to the player's inventory.
      • Toggle whether or not the player has the Implant-tastic Perk.
  • Doll Maker:
    • Options for Doll Maker's combat:
      • The state of being disassembled, met and non-hostile, activated and hostile, or not yet encountered.
      • Whether Doll Maker's attack pattern will consist of its full moveset, only stat-effecting tools (if not applicable, choosing Bio-Magnetic Vibes instead), or only with its Bio-Magnetic Vibes.
      • How many points each of the stat-effecting tools in Doll Maker's moveset will subtract, being able to be set from 1 to 50 and reset to 5.
      • Whether or not the player starts the fight already cuffed.
    • For the player:
      • Toggle whether or not the player has the True Doll Perk.
insaneinthemembraneChanges Bess' name to Runa.
mitziAllows the player to instantly rescue Mitzi, bypassing the Stellar Tether Dungeon.
backinbizznessResets Bizzy's interactions to before the player received her first e-mail. (Added during version 0.8.066 development to showcase new scenes with Mitzi and Sera, continued availability past this version is not guaranteed.)
dollTeleports the player to the start of the Kiro Quest dungeon (added during version 0.8.023 development, will most likely be removed at a later date or upon full quest implementation).
kqvrgoodnessAdds 5 virtual reality programs to the PC's inventory from or related to Kiro Quest. Once used, these allow the PC to access the fights (and corresponding sex scenes) in the Mindwash Visor for:
  • The f*ckdolls
  • The Advanced Herm Sexbot
  • The Twins
  • The Taursuit
  • Illustria Po
healthdeliverySummons Bianca if possible (When on a hostile square where Bianca can spawn, and she is not in a bar).
anofferyoucantrefuseSkip to a certain part of Akane's first quest.
clowncarAllows ship flight with any amount of crew members.
anotherbrickinthewallImmediately gain 100K credits. Reusable. If entered outside the Console, credit count will be updated after any changing of screen. If entered with the Console, it must be exited for credits to be added. Consecutive uses without leaving the Console count as one activation and only add 100K credits.
UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHTUse the arrow keys on the keyboard to do this. Gives the player 5xZil Ration. You can get 10,000 Credits per full inventory by selling to Burt on Mhen'Ga. You can quickly sell a full inventory by holding down the '1' button.
partyStarts or resets the Zaibatsu party. At the end of the party, Steele is placed at the Gyre Taxi stand on Dhaal. If Steele's ship is not already on Dhaal, it won't be at the Spaceport, making leaving impossible without other cheats.
wargiiandbessResets the Siege of the Korg’ii Hold quest progress, along with any progress in Eitan's relationship. 0.8.116 patchnotes suggested that the cheat would get a name change, however that hasn't happened yet as of 0.8.124.
nastinessResets the Nastizia event chain to Pre-invite.

Developer Codes

Not for inexperienced or uninformed players. Using any of these codes can seriously break quests and/or saves. As a player, you are responsible for your actions in the game. It is highly advised to make a save before attempting any of the following cheats.

Always remember to keep a backup copy of your original, unaltered, save file!

The dev codes are as follows:

Developer Codes
impulseBrings up Impulse menu for scene ID.
idclevBrings up the idclev menu for teleportation by room ID.
f*ckyouToggles debug mode.


This is a list of exploitable events, items, or characters that the player can use to Captain Steele's advantage.

The exploits are as follows:

Dr. LashDefeating him in combat will earn Steele 999999 credits and a significant amount of XP. This combat encounter can be repeatable if Steele continues to flirt with him. This can be done by stacking resistance to the burning element to or above 100% to minimize his damage output.
Syri Infinite Intelligence gainHolding down the 1 button during Syri's morning menu causes continuous slow intelligence gain

When combined with ClearYu can also give you Reflex, Aim, and Libido at the cost of Taint.

Blackjack free moneyIn the Treasure Nova casino on Zheng Shi, the player can place a custom bet up to their entire wallet balance. This, in conjunction with saving and loading, allows the player to acquire high amounts of credits quickly and with no risk.
Cheat List - Trials in Tainted Space Wiki (2024)


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